Thursday, 4 January 2018

Boost up the Travel Experience of the North East with Bike Rental in Gangtok

Give a cutting-edge twist to your North Eastern tour plan with affordable bike rental services in Gangtok and Siliguri.
Unforgettable mountainous road trips with bike rental in Gangtok
As far as youths are concerned, road trips with rented bikes have always topped the list in their travel plans. Exploring the curvy hilly roads of the North East is certainly incomplete without hitting the roads on roaring powerful bikes. Bike rental in Gangtok is the one-stop solution for all the choices to opt. The introduction of the service in the city has left the travelers to choose among a fleet of well-maintained 350CC and 500CC cruiser and super bikes.
If expenses on traveling by rented bikes are taken into account, the rentals turn to trim the expense by up to 60 percent over hired SUV  or other vehicles in Gangtok. There are ample of tour operators in the city who let out cruiser and super bikes on rent, leaving the travelers’ jaws-dropped reckoning which one to choose and which one to let go. Bike rental in Siliguri will just not give a cutting-edge twist to your adventurous road trip, but also will prevent your pocket from getting a hole.

Get through the gateway of the North East with bike rental in Siliguri
Siliguri, being the only large city in the northern part of West Bengal, attracts the convergence of tourist before giving them the way to the North East. Many tour operators give away the well-maintained bikes for bike rental services that eventually leave the travelers to skip their beats when they pass through the mountainous road to the North Eastern part of the country. Bike rental in Siliguri has been observed to have attracted quite a lot of attention of tourists as nothing can beat a road trip experience while riding something on your own. Out of a gamut of services offered, the most eye-gravitating features are as:

  •        Cheap and competitive bike hiring charges
  •       Availability of online booking options
  •       Attractive free services while signing up online
  •        Fleet of well-maintained cruiser and super bikes
  •       All that is required is an Indian Driving License

Take the breathtaking bike ride from Siliguri to Gangtok via Darjeeling
If you are really up for testing the intensity of your thirst for adventure, all you need to do is to hire a bike of your choice from any bike rental services provider in Siliguri and decide to head towards Gangtok. The entire journey of 100 odd kilometers (hailing from Siliguri and then to Darjeeling while being en route Gangtok on a bike) will certainly test your adventure quotient while keeping your heart in the throat at the same time. You can also take a bike trip to Bhutan with bike rental in Bhutan. If you ask for the reasons, here are few points that make the road trip unforgettable:
  •  Experiencing the beauty and the beast-side of Mother Nature
  •  Perfect combination of hills and river, making it irresistible
  • Overcoming the fear of cruising across the landslide-prone roads
  • Best possible trip to quench the thirst for adventure
  • Learning to overcome fear rather than backing off
At the end of the Darjeeling to Gangtok on bike journey, each of you will have a completely new vision towards life with a smile of contentment on your face.
Ensuring permits get done before cruising: A must-do

Everything goes fine from hiring bikes from operators offering bike rental inSiliguri, till the journey takes a halt at Darjeeling. No additional permissions are required en route Gangtok till Reshi. Once you’ve cruised around 40 minutes off Reshi, it’s the place where you’d find the first check post. This is where you’ll get to understand the importance and the worth of additional permit system required in bike rental services for riding in the state of Sikkim. We’d, in fact, suggest that as soon as you decide to hire a motorcycle from any bike rental in Siliguri, the first and foremost thing on your checklist should be to have a look on all the permits and documents required to successfully complete the tour till Gangtok; after all, who would like to come back from the midway.

The next question lies with what all documents would be required in addition to Driving License. In that case, it should be noted that the hired bike’s Registration Copy, Insurance, and Pollution Under Control certificate must be available with the bike. In case one fails to have either of the stated documents, the entire road trip will be a huge turn down as the Government Authorities will certainly ask you to head back. Apart from this, at least 5-6 copies of the mentioned documents & special permits (including bike permit for Sikkim) will be required to cross Zuluk, Nathu La & enter Gangtok. In addition to these, another special permit from Sikkim Home Department must be kept ready to hand over at check posts at different locations. Although the operators giving bike rental in Siliguri take care of these permits, a minor overlook can ruin your entire plan and bring you back home with shattered heart. One thing is for sure, once you have all the documents and permits handy with you after paying out the required security deposits at the operators letting out bike rental in Gangtok, you’ll have something really special to cherish for the lifetime.


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